Fans of the Vikings of history can expect an epic five season with Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar. Andersen had a big impact with his performance in season four. In season five, the Andersen character takes an expanded role as a leader in the Great HeathenArmy.
Get to know more of this  Vikings Season 5 Trailer and information on this site. The critically acclaimed series is expected to begin its fifth season on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 9 pm. To support the return of the program, Andersen participated in a conference call to discuss how to play Ivar, challenges to make the character sympathetic and/or sympathetic, and Ivar’s relationship with his brothers and Lagertha.
Vikings is written by the series creator, Michael Hirst. The distribution of the fifth season also includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Bishop Heahmund, KatherynWinnick as Lagertha, Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki, and Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn.
is Ivar able to use his anger intelligently?
Yes, he can. But as you probably know what happened to him at the end of the fourth season, he killed his beloved brother Sigurd. So he lost control of himself. So he let his emotions take over. So, yes, you’re right to say that he challenged that decision.
I think he understands that this is his great weakness. He is sometimes too driven by his emotions. The latter can take over and make him lose control. I am saying that this is partly why he has so many remorse at the beginning of the fifth season. He has remorse because he knows that the murder of his own brother has created an injury between him and his brothers that he will never be able to cure. Part of him realizes that he has lost control and that he has let everyone see his weakness. I think you’ll see him try his best to control his emotions throughout this season.
Do you think Ivar will change at the beginning of season 5?
I do not know if he will have changed much. Of course, the fact that he is a member of the ruling group of the great Pagan Army has obviously made him mature. You’ll see Ivar much more mature, as much as possible. But it is always the same young man determined.
In the fourth season, I would describe him as a boy. I think he becomes a young man, throughout season 5. There are a lot of things happening. All this responsibility to be at the head of the great Pagan army to negative consequences on a human being. I think Ivar is really ready to take the challenge, but it is a very tough challenge. He’s going to learn some mistakes he’s going to make. It is always the same determined man who will never let anyone obstruct his goals. He is so progressive and he is not afraid to resort to violence to get what he wants.
Will Ivar’s relationship with his brothers deteriorate?
Obviously, there was already a breach and I don’t think he’s capable of repairing it. But, at the beginning of the fifth season, you will see it being sincerely sorry. He tells his brothers. But, is it still a way for him to manipulate them or try to make them feel sorry for him? Or bring them back a little to his team to be able to control them or not make them too hostile against him? I think he is aware of the fact that he needs it to achieve his goals.
I think there will be a lot of discussion between them. A lot of unavowed things, a lot of love and hatred. These are the scenes that we all have, I believe, loved because they are very intense. A lot of things happen, a lot of drama. But do they still love each other or is this bridge burned? That is the whole problem, and I think our biggest goal as actors is to always let the public guess. And, for me, especially with Ivar because he is such an extreme character. It can easily become one-dimensional, so my main goal is to keep it in balance and have scenes like at the beginning of the fifth season where he is really sorry for his actions. He almost hates himself. I think that is the key to this whole relationship.
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