Our favorite family is back in action for the second sequel of The Incredibles. Fans are so excited to find out Jack-Jack’s true power and you know what, you will be shocked to learn that he has many abilities. Pixar is giving their fans more things to anticipate in the coming of the Incredibles 2 which feature more about Jack-Jack’s development.  After the Parr family got arrested for breaking the law by using their superpower to stop Underminer, they are forced to live normally even if the city needs their intervention. Nonetheless, Winston Deavor gets to hire Helen Parr to do heroic task to fight crimes and stop them while Bob look after for their kids. Bob, at first thinks that staying at home and taking care of their kids is just an ordinary task,  but sooner he learns that it is very complicated and he never expect that being the man in the house would be a difficult task.

Violet started to have some adolescence stage issues and Dash needs his help for math assignment and does shows his new powers which makes Bob almost crazy. While Bob has few clues about Jack-Jack’s power, now that he is the one to look after him, the child manifested more abilities.  As Bob discovers the fact about his child, he fills thrilled and overwhelmed by those powers Jack-Jack manifested. To be honest, Jack-Jack is neither like the other Parr’s offspring nor an ordinary child. We have seen Violet and Dash power which are very typical but Jack-Jack has plenty of them. Polymorhping, Mimcry, durability and superhuman strength just like his dad such as shape-shifting in any elements, Molecular vibration, Teleportation, Laser Eyes, Interdimensional travel like a teleportation technique, Phasing, produces electricity, telekinesis and levitation. To sum it up this kid is an omega level super.

While Jack-Jack shown  some of these powers in the first movie yet in the Incredibles 2, these powers will be manifesting more and more especially when he fights raccoon. Of course, because he is still a child he needs to master all his powers, so he needs a special suit that will enhance or help his power in order to face his opponents. On the other hand, Edna Mode will play a great role on babysitting Jack-Jack when she learns about his powers. Whatever power he uses, the outfit will adapt and it is very helpful to Jack-Jack. There was this time that he turn himself into a giant and his suit still intact. Furthermore, he also turned himself into red-lavender flame without getting his suit burnt.

It is kinda cute to see a baby displaying his power and shocked his father. Luckily, director Brad Bird goes on deeper as he plays the voice of Edna Mode, she tells Bob that Jack-Jack is a polymorph which simply means he has no limits in his potential as he grow and develop.  When Edna said that Jack-Jack is a Polymorph, she explains that his power extends to what he wants to and it’s the way he wants to relate to his family and his environment.

Men naturally think that they are strong, and so Bird made Bob with super strength and durable. While women especially moms can do anything just to shape their kids and home, so they give Helen an elastic ability. For Violet, since she represents the teenager who starts to hide their feelings and sometimes rebellious, so she was made to have powers like invisibility and force fields. Obviously for Dash, as he represents the schoolers who are very impulsive and can’t stay in one place and so he was made to have super speed ability.
This is going to be so exciting to see the Parr in the theater and furthermore there are many other supers who are seen in the movie aside Frozone. This is going to be a blast.

SOURCE: lesindestructibles2streaming.com