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Incredibles 2: Jack-Jack’s Power

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Our favorite family is back in action for the second sequel of The Incredibles. Fans are so excited to find out Jack-Jack’s true power and you know what, you will be shocked to learn that he has many abilities. Pixar is giving their fans more things to anticipate in the coming of the Incredibles 2 which feature more about Jack-Jack’s development.  After the Parr family got arrested for breaking the law by using their superpower to stop Underminer, they are forced to live normally even if the city needs their intervention. Nonetheless, Winston Deavor gets to hire Helen Parr to do heroic task to fight crimes and stop them while Bob look after for their kids. Bob, at first thinks that staying at home and taking care of their kids is just an ordinary task,  but sooner he learns that it is very complicated and he never expect that being the man in the house would be a difficult task.

Violet started to have some adolescence stage issues and Dash needs his help for math assignment and does shows his new powers which makes Bob almost crazy. While Bob has few clues about Jack-Jack’s power, now that he is the one to look after him, the child manifested more abilities.  As Bob discovers the fact about his child, he fills thrilled and overwhelmed by those powers Jack-Jack manifested. To be honest, Jack-Jack is neither like the other Parr’s offspring nor an ordinary child. We have seen Violet and Dash power which are very typical but Jack-Jack has plenty of them. Polymorhping, Mimcry, durability and superhuman strength just like his dad such as shape-shifting in any elements, Molecular vibration, Teleportation, Laser Eyes, Interdimensional travel like a teleportation technique, Phasing, produces electricity, telekinesis and levitation. To sum it up this kid is an omega level super.

While Jack-Jack shown  some of these powers in the first movie yet in the Incredibles 2, these powers will be manifesting more and more especially when he fights raccoon. Of course, because he is still a child he needs to master all his powers, so he needs a special suit that will enhance or help his power in order to face his opponents. On the other hand, Edna Mode will play a great role on babysitting Jack-Jack when she learns about his powers. Whatever power he uses, the outfit will adapt and it is very helpful to Jack-Jack. There was this time that he turn himself into a giant and his suit still intact. Furthermore, he also turned himself into red-lavender flame without getting his suit burnt.

It is kinda cute to see a baby displaying his power and shocked his father. Luckily, director Brad Bird goes on deeper as he plays the voice of Edna Mode, she tells Bob that Jack-Jack is a polymorph which simply means he has no limits in his potential as he grow and develop.  When Edna said that Jack-Jack is a Polymorph, she explains that his power extends to what he wants to and it’s the way he wants to relate to his family and his environment.

Men naturally think that they are strong, and so Bird made Bob with super strength and durable. While women especially moms can do anything just to shape their kids and home, so they give Helen an elastic ability. For Violet, since she represents the teenager who starts to hide their feelings and sometimes rebellious, so she was made to have powers like invisibility and force fields. Obviously for Dash, as he represents the schoolers who are very impulsive and can’t stay in one place and so he was made to have super speed ability.
This is going to be so exciting to see the Parr in the theater and furthermore there are many other supers who are seen in the movie aside Frozone. This is going to be a blast.



Viking Season 5: Ivar the Antiheroe

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Fans of the Vikings of history can expect an epic five season with Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar. Andersen had a big impact with his performance in season four. In season five, the Andersen character takes an expanded role as a leader in the Great HeathenArmy.
Get to know more of this  Vikings Season 5 Trailer and information on this site. The critically acclaimed series is expected to begin its fifth season on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 9 pm. To support the return of the program, Andersen participated in a conference call to discuss how to play Ivar, challenges to make the character sympathetic and/or sympathetic, and Ivar’s relationship with his brothers and Lagertha.
Vikings is written by the series creator, Michael Hirst. The distribution of the fifth season also includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Bishop Heahmund, KatherynWinnick as Lagertha, Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki, and Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn.
is Ivar able to use his anger intelligently?
Yes, he can. But as you probably know what happened to him at the end of the fourth season, he killed his beloved brother Sigurd. So he lost control of himself. So he let his emotions take over. So, yes, you’re right to say that he challenged that decision.
I think he understands that this is his great weakness. He is sometimes too driven by his emotions. The latter can take over and make him lose control. I am saying that this is partly why he has so many remorse at the beginning of the fifth season. He has remorse because he knows that the murder of his own brother has created an injury between him and his brothers that he will never be able to cure. Part of him realizes that he has lost control and that he has let everyone see his weakness. I think you’ll see him try his best to control his emotions throughout this season.
Do you think Ivar will change at the beginning of season 5?
I do not know if he will have changed much. Of course, the fact that he is a member of the ruling group of the great Pagan Army has obviously made him mature. You’ll see Ivar much more mature, as much as possible. But it is always the same young man determined.
In the fourth season, I would describe him as a boy. I think he becomes a young man, throughout season 5. There are a lot of things happening. All this responsibility to be at the head of the great Pagan army to negative consequences on a human being. I think Ivar is really ready to take the challenge, but it is a very tough challenge. He’s going to learn some mistakes he’s going to make. It is always the same determined man who will never let anyone obstruct his goals. He is so progressive and he is not afraid to resort to violence to get what he wants.
Will Ivar’s relationship with his brothers deteriorate?
Obviously, there was already a breach and I don’t think he’s capable of repairing it. But, at the beginning of the fifth season, you will see it being sincerely sorry. He tells his brothers. But, is it still a way for him to manipulate them or try to make them feel sorry for him? Or bring them back a little to his team to be able to control them or not make them too hostile against him? I think he is aware of the fact that he needs it to achieve his goals.
I think there will be a lot of discussion between them. A lot of unavowed things, a lot of love and hatred. These are the scenes that we all have, I believe, loved because they are very intense. A lot of things happen, a lot of drama. But do they still love each other or is this bridge burned? That is the whole problem, and I think our biggest goal as actors is to always let the public guess. And, for me, especially with Ivar because he is such an extreme character. It can easily become one-dimensional, so my main goal is to keep it in balance and have scenes like at the beginning of the fifth season where he is really sorry for his actions. He almost hates himself. I think that is the key to this whole relationship.
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Once again, the 20 episodes of Viking season 5 were hacked. So you have the possibility to see them streaming. The video quality is in high definition 720 p and 180. If you are interested, feel free to visit Vikings Season 5 streaming.

Breaking News: Outlook Restored After Outage

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The Outlook website is a webmail client that is provided by Microsoft to help users manage their emails and schedules. It can help by organizing the mail into various folders. It is just another service similar to Gmail and Yahoo mail. Hotmail users were recently upgraded to the Outlook website, and all their data, emails and other settings, was brought in as well. When the beta version had been first released existing hotmail users had the option of upgrading to the new interface, and then they could downgrade back if they didn’t like it.

If you use an Outlook account, you could have experienced some Outage that prevented people from receiving their email. Many users weren’t able to receive their email from Saturday on, for another 3 days. This was due to caching problem in the EAS (Exchange Active Sync), which allowed users to synchronize their company email and contacts with their smart-phone. Microsoft had restored service to the web after 2 pm PT on Wednesday, according to an update on Microsoft’s blog. This comes seven hours after Microsoft first acknowledged some users having had a problem with receiving emails.

Some users may still have problems accessing their email on mobile devices, according to a Microsoft statement. Earlier that day people had trouble accessing the files stored on Microsoft’s SkyDrive service. Even if only a small number of people seemed to be affected by the problem, millions of people could’ve been inconvenienced. Microsoft claims to have more than 400 million active users on The Outlook website.
Microsoft support

Microsoft transferred the users of its other Web email services including Hotmail and MSN domains to Outlook earlier this year, as part of its attempt to build a larger network than Google’s Gmail and Yahoo’s Y Mail. If you have any Microsoft problems you can contact Microsoft support for more details.

Microsoft provides great software solutions but they don’t always provide good software support along with it. Microsoft ought to provide good support along with their products to ensure that people continue using it. When people buy paid products, they expect good service along with it. It is not the same when you are using free services.

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Soldier of Fortune – Just Reviewed

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At the end of last year, things started to look up for the Dreamcast-owning shooter fanatic. We finally got Quake III Arena and a bunch of strategy shooters, as well as being promised Unreal Tournament and Half-Life in the first quarter of the New Year. While it looks like the aforementioned titles will be released in the next couple of months, news about one of the proposed shooters has all but dried up. Oh Soldier of Fortune, where art thou?

Soldier of Fortune would have represented a first on the Dreamcast. Sure, there are plenty of violent games available for our console, but the violence in Soldier of Fortune is different, because it is extremely realistic and over-the-top. Your enemies look like living, breathing humans, and the damage that occurs when you put a bullet through one of them brings that reality home. Shoot people point-blank in the head with a shotgun and their faces will dematerialize in a spray of crimson, leaving jagged stumps where their ugly mugs used to be. Use a belt-driven machine gun to saw an opponent’s leg off, and you can then choose to shoot that severed leg in half out of spite as your enemy hops around on the leg you spared. Ghoul technology made it possible for every character in Soldier of Fortune to have over 30 damage areas — each one doing a specific amount of damage to the target (unlike Quake or Unreal, in which a head shot is no more damaging than a leg shot) and causing a different reaction or death animation.

There is a story behind the game, something about an escalating environment of terrorism and crack, gun-for-hire John Mullins being the only man capable of cleaning it up. But what really makes Soldier of Fortune such a fun game — and such a worthy addition to the Dreamcast library — is the Deathmatch. Though it was never confirmed whether or not Crave would make SOF SegaNet compatible, our saliva glands were stimulated by the very thought of bringing that level of carnage to the Dreamcast.

So What Happened?
Over the past few months, we at Sega Radar have continuously attempted to mine any information we could find about SOF. Why? Because we think it’s one hell of a game, and could just be the title the Dreamcast needs to appeal to the violence-loving older market it has had some trouble capturing. Unfortunately, the information we found was vague at best. The game seems to be perpetually moving backwards and, despite our attempts, we have yet to even see a screenshot of the Dreamcast version.

We called Crave’s PR firm this morning to ask about Soldier of Fortune. They told us that the game will definitely be released this year, but were unable to give us any more details. Hopefully this story will have a happy ending, but in this weird period of the Dreamcast’s history, nothing is guaranteed.

This Just In! Seconds before press time we finally heard back from Crave’s PR firm that Soldier of Fortune will be shipping in April and that we should be seeing the first screenshots sometime next week (the ones below are from the PC version).

Akira To Be Re-Released In US

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Japanese anime fans just had a collective orgasm.

According to Variety, southern California’s Pioneer Entertainment (USA) is spending $1 million to restore the popular Japanese anime classic Akira. The company is prepping the cult favorite for a big-screen theatrical re-release this spring, which will be followed by a release of the first ever DVD version, as well as a new VHS edition, later in the 4th quarter of 2001.

There’s currently no word on the special features on the DVD, but the restoration will include a new English dub from the original Japanese script, as well as high-definition mastering and a Dolby Digital AC3 Surround Sound soundtrack.

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