The Outlook website is a webmail client that is provided by Microsoft to help users manage their emails and schedules. It can help by organizing the mail into various folders. It is just another service similar to Gmail and Yahoo mail. Hotmail users were recently upgraded to the Outlook website, and all their data, emails and other settings, was brought in as well. When the beta version had been first released existing hotmail users had the option of upgrading to the new interface, and then they could downgrade back if they didn’t like it.

If you use an Outlook account, you could have experienced some Outage that prevented people from receiving their email. Many users weren’t able to receive their email from Saturday on, for another 3 days. This was due to caching problem in the EAS (Exchange Active Sync), which allowed users to synchronize their company email and contacts with their smart-phone. Microsoft had restored service to the web after 2 pm PT on Wednesday, according to an update on Microsoft’s blog. This comes seven hours after Microsoft first acknowledged some users having had a problem with receiving emails.

Some users may still have problems accessing their email on mobile devices, according to a Microsoft statement. Earlier that day people had trouble accessing the files stored on Microsoft’s SkyDrive service. Even if only a small number of people seemed to be affected by the problem, millions of people could’ve been inconvenienced. Microsoft claims to have more than 400 million active users on The Outlook website.
Microsoft support

Microsoft transferred the users of its other Web email services including Hotmail and MSN domains to Outlook earlier this year, as part of its attempt to build a larger network than Google’s Gmail and Yahoo’s Y Mail. If you have any Microsoft problems you can contact Microsoft support for more details.

Microsoft provides great software solutions but they don’t always provide good software support along with it. Microsoft ought to provide good support along with their products to ensure that people continue using it. When people buy paid products, they expect good service along with it. It is not the same when you are using free services.