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Incredibles 2: Jack-Jack’s Power

Our favorite family is back in action for the second sequel of The Incredibles. Fans are so excited to find out Jack-Jack’s true power and you know what, you will be shocked to learn that he has many abilities. Pixar is giving their fans more things to anticipate in the coming of the Incredibles 2 which feature more about Jack-Jack’s development.  After the Parr family got arrested for breaking the law by using their superpower to stop Underminer, they are forced to live normally even if the city needs their intervention. Nonetheless, Winston Deavor gets to hire Helen Parr to do heroic task to fight crimes and stop them while Bob look after for their kids. Bob, at first thinks that staying at home and taking care of their kids is just an ordinary task,  but sooner he learns that it is very complicated and he never expect that being the man in the house would be a difficult task.

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