In fact, video games are not as dangerous as they say. In addition to such trivial things as the development of imagination and the ability to distract from problems, they really benefit and can help you find a ukraine women for dating. However, you should remember that all the benefits lose their power when it comes to abuse.

  1. The best therapy
  2. While some people try to assure that all the troubles happen due to video games, Pennsylvanian psychologists have managed to prove that video game therapy is much more effective for guys than traditional consultations. However, it is effective only when they perceive virtual reality more positively and can distract from anything with its help.

  3. Concentration
  4. Studies have shown that people who often play video games can easily focus on their main tasks and do not get distracted by trifles. It is easier for them to concentrate on a specific task and accomplish it, although we have been told all our lives that gaming is pure evil and that it only distracts from serious matters.

  5. The best girls
  6. According to statistics, female gamers have happier, stronger and more lasting relationships than those girls who consider games to be a whim for men. If you like video games, then pay attention to charming girls who will be able to share your hobby, being on the same page with you.

  7. Eternal youth
  8. To become forever young, you don’t need to dress like a teenager and behave with childlike spontaneity. A 2013 study at the University of Iowa showed that all you need to do is to play games. All 681 people over the age of 50, who had agreed to participate in the experiment, were able to slow down the aging process up to 7 years. To do this, they spent two hours a week playing a specially designed computer game.

  9. Mario develops your brain
  10. Scientists forced several men to play Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks and found that the volume of gray matter in their heads had increased significantly. That is, such functions as self-control, memory, orientation in space had improved. The authors of the study go even further, believing that video games can be a good therapeutic tool for a number of disorders associated with disruption of these areas of the brain.

  11. Sleight of hand
  12. Surgeons, tailors, and jugglers should play games as often as possible so that their hands become more agile. It was proved by researchers from Iowa who had compared the art of surgeons who play and don’t play games. It turned out that the first ones cut and sew up much more agile, as some games develop a sleight of hand. In the meantime, scientists have found that the same games are useful for cheaters, so it’s better not to play cards with gamers.

  13. Tetris as a panacea
  14. It turns out that Tetris, according to the notorious British scientists, activates the process of satisfaction in solving problems. In addition, the game helps cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and sugar cravings. And besides, heavy smokers begin to smoke less when they play Tetris.