The time has passed when women considered video games to be the hobby of men who run off to virtual reality from communicating with the real world and dissatisfaction with their lives. Games have evolved together with their players. Now, when the game industry is out of the framework of entertainment, one can judge how strong its influence on a person is and how some games help in acquiring useful skills and improving personal life.

  1. Instill kindness
  2. Contrary to popular belief that video games cause uncontrolled aggression and have a bad effect on the ability to sympathize with other people, today we are seeing a lot of games with a really high-quality storyline, which will make you feel the story of the characters and even get sad.

  3. Allow developing learning skills
  4. Games are never easy, and you should be able to respond quickly and learn a lot of things. This applies to everything, starting with the location of the keys, the functions of the characters, memorizing routes and to developing strategies. If you delay, you lose, so you have to understand everything almost at lightning speed. And it helps greatly when you need to learn the preferences of your new girlfriend.

  5. Train visual activity
  6. Gamers have a significant advantage over those who do not play since they are more attentive to small details, they are able to track objects, to notice everything that may well elude other people. This skill will come in handy when your girlfriend has made a new haircut.

  7. Help cope with stress
  8. When you are tired, you have a lot of work and unsolved cases, you urgently need to be distracted by something pleasant, and when your girlfriend hangs out with friends, the games will help you reduce stress. And yes, games will also help you improve your mental health. Of course, you may ask, “Why then gaming addiction is considered a mental disorder?” Excessive fascination with anything has always been harmful. In any case, do not overdo it. So, play without fanaticism if you want to calm the nerves.

  9. Develop the ability to analyze
  10. Yes, games help raise the level of abstract thinking and develop logic not only in children but also in adults. Playing and developing a strategy, you will be forced to constantly analyze your actions, make informed decisions based on the current situation.

  11. Develop communication skills
  12. Many scientific studies have confirmed that gaming on a regular basis is not yet an indicator of a person’s antisocial behavior. On the contrary, games can help you become more friendly and social. Of course, we should not forget about online games that are filled with teenagers who vent their anger on other players, but this is not an indication of the overall picture. Over time, a person forms a more friendly position and develops their skills in social interaction with other players. So, online games are just another kind of collective activity, which has come to replace some group entertainment in reality.