Boom Beach is a very popular game nowadays. Probably second best to Clash of Clans, which came from the same company, by the way. What makes its player base so many is the fact that it is available on two of the most used platform in the mobile industry. It supports both Android and iOS smartphones, phablets, and tablets. The good thing is that even with these two platforms, player from any of it can see and fight with the other one making it more exciting. Though there are lots of advantages on such scheme, it also has one single problem that might be of concern to some. It is when one decides to change platforms and still want to keep his old account (esp. those with high level ones) and transfer it to their new device. Take note that different platforms behaves differently. For one, Android saves your game data via Google Account. On the other hand, iOS saves your game via its Game Center.

Now, with such possibility on mind, Supercell team who made Boom Beach has this special way to give its players a chance to make such move. Transferring your account from iOS to Android devices, and vice versa. As to how? Well, the steps are very easy. It is easy being said, but easier when done. First things is first, you have to get both device readily available. By these, you have to in front of both. Next thing, install Boom Beach on the new one. Of course, you don’t have install it on the old device because I know you already did. The next thing is to run Boom Beach on both devices. Now for transferring from iOS to Android. You have to access first your corresponding device and go to its settings. After which press on the “link device” and select the one which says “this is the old device”. Next, you have to choose from two options: link it to iphone, ipad, or ipod; or link it to other device (which means Android). You have to choose the latter since you have to transfer it to your Android device. Doing so will give you a unique pin code that will be used on your Android device. The next thing to do is to do the same thing with your device — settings, then link device, then choose this is the new device. You will then be asked to put the unique code and you got earlier. Simply put it in, and there you have it. Your new device with your old Boom Beach account, and the best part of it is you can enjoy unlimited diamonds added to it easily following the updated guide found here.

The process is very simple and might come in handy when you are changing device from one platform to another. That same process can be used if you are changing device from Android to iOS.